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Free Estriol (E3) Elisa Kit in serum/plasma/saliva for IVD use

Free (non-conjugated) Estriol (E3) is a steroid hormone with a MM of 288 Da. Production of Estriol in non-pregnant women and men is negligible with no sex-related differences. During pregnancy, Estriol is produced in placenta by a multistep metabolic pathway, and its serum level is continuously growing up to delivery. Due to wide normal ranges of Free E3 at different pregnancy terms, serial determinations to monitor Estriol level are recommended. Estriol biological function is to maintain blood flow in maternal blood vessels and  to provide for differentiation of mammary ducts. During 2nd trimester, E3 determination in conjunction with other tests (AFP, betaHCG) is used to estimate risk of Down syndrome in fetus: a tendency of serum E3 level to decline is indicative of Down syndrome. Besides, a decline of E3 serum level during the 2nd trimester may indicate dangerous feto-placental insufficiency (an increased risk of miscarriage, intra-uterine infections, etc.). Increased E3 levels are seen in multifetal pregnancy and in case of a fetus bigger than normal.

Kit is CE certified,IVD Use,with control and Medians values are given ..wells are break-apart....