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Crustacea Antigen detection Elisa Kit In Food

A solid-phase enzyme immunoassay for the quantitative determination of crustacean antigen in
Crustaceans are among the most commonly consumed seafood, in some countries crustaceans
and related sea products form a significant part of every day ration. After diagnosis of crustacean
allergy full avoidance of these products consumption should be recommended. Some products
may include crustacean components as contamination or hidden form. Quantitative determination
of heat stable crustacean antigens in foods allows to decrease the risk of anaphylactic reactions.
Crustacea EIA cross reacts also with the antigens of Artrhropodae (insects, mites and spiders). The
detection of crustacean and artrhropodan antigens is also important for control of Kosher foods.