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Our Customer is our utmost priority:

  • Technical Support: To demonstrate our products and train Dept/Lab staff .We answers all your queries regarding products or any unresolved problem.
  • We also vouch for our product till expiration of the product and if our product is not upto the mark we will replace it but customer has to provide full data.
  • Product details/brochure/reference/ Catalogues of products will be provided as n when customer requires.
  • We also provide technical support to for the people /Students who don’t have Laboratory in their institutes like some of the medical colleges, and they are given their topics related to clinical research for thesis purpose. We provide them complete set-up without any hassle.
  • Our Distribution Network Cities are  here

For more details


helpdesk@immunoconceptindia.com(for Information of products)


+91 11 43063564 (O)